Cash / Token / Rewards 

Just a day following the closing of our ICO, we are launching or P2E gaming platform, Users will be able to buy in with any Fiat or Crypto to play on our platform. 

It goes without saying that people using OZGOD to buy in will be given a biased support in the form of leverage and rewards.

25% of all revenue through these games  will  go to marketing and art support through our charity wallet.

Texas Hold Em

A no limit Texas Hold Em which allows players to create private room, chat and share experiences to build a stronger community. This P2E game will be integrated with Fiat, Gift cards, Crypto wallets and other payment systems for users to withdraw their earnings in real-time. Users Buying in using OZGOD will be rewarded with extra tokens as leverage to bet on their tables.

Three Card Brag

A derivative of poker with a huge market in Asia, an add on to our P2E platform to create a broader community. All the utilities will function like the ones on the poker UI. 


Our sole purpose of building a decentralised gambling platform is to put the gambling money to a good cause, before the end of second quarter we will add all kinds of card and gambling games to this platform.

A different platform in the same quarter has been added to our pipeline for our NFT cards game before developing a HQ metaverse.

The holders of our NFT will be the exclusive players on either platforms.