We have carefully designed our ecosystem to make it a sustainable business model. 

Every product is planned to launch at a specific time to have enough interaction and enough popularity for our holders to be able to make decent gains through the platforms.



The primary, hyper deflationary token. This token will be used to scale our project in coming future.

As discussed, global art industry is boundless, with the growth of digital art, exponential growth of Metaverse, Space dinning and Mars colonisation, definition of wealth is going to change drastically in another 5 years or less. Our team has decided to provide appropriate circulation supply as might be needed for this industry focused token and a great amount of liquidity for our holders to avoid market manipulation. A generous amount in OZGOD will also be locked away for distribution as rewards amongst our initial investors. OZGOD will also prove to be an essential asset after launch of PLUECO AND AOPLAY.



AODE token will be released in the second quarter of our roadmap which will be earned by staking OZGOD on our SWAP integrated with our E-commerce platform built for the sole purpose of supporting and promoting art. AODE will also be used to pay artists with the revenue they would generate on our streaming platform AOPLAY.



PLOUTECO will be released in the third quarter of our road map. A decentralised E-commerce platform with integrated swap based on web 3.0 will be a secure and user friendly platform for our holders. The platform will be designed for buyers and sellers to. have an ecstatic experience displaying their art.

We believe that our art community will help build immense wealth which, in recent future will up lift talent that hasn't been fortune enough to come in contact with any opportunity so far.


Being a holder of OZGOD, art lovers will have a sense of satisfaction when they'll see artists on PLOUTECO grow and return we plan to design NFT's along with other benefits to be distributed in the quarter after PLOUTECO release to thank our holders for supporting our cause.



JUPISAFE is designed as a reward token that shall be provided to artists and artist service providers on our platform for providing discount to their consumers. Any discount provided shall be reimbures in JUPISAFE and an access of JUPISAFE 10% over and above the discount given shall be rewarded in the form of staked tokens with a 40% APY with minimum lock-in period of 60 days.


AOPLAY is scheduled for launch in 4th quarter of our roadmap. This platform will be designed with a mission to provide a platform to music artists to upload their music and share it with the community along with helping other artists promote their products and services through their channel.

This will not only help artists have complete control over their revenue but also provide a great solution for other artists to advertise themselves with complete transparency on advertisement costs