Super rare,  a new super rare NFT released before every big milestone will help us partner with investors and supporters of our cause.

Holders of these super rare NFTs, will share profits, revised every two years the holders will be considered our partner for a minimum of five years.

These Nfts, released in lots of 100, 1k and 10k will help a few holders be a part of our NFT games and Metaverse. Some contracts will also contain partnership agreement for a few projects in OGOD ecosystem and other independent projects.

The purpose of creating these digital arts is not only supporting artists but also building a broader more stronger community.

Limited, Mint enabled NFTs released to support artists across the globe, Revenue generated through the sales of these NFTs goes directly to the sponsored artist and in return the holders are provided with royalty contract. A part of the earnings through different platforms including our decentralised platform is distributed amongst holders, without a time cap. Percentages are at the discretion of sponsored artist

General NFTs focused on community building. These set of digital arts will allow holders to flip NFTs for immense profits.

Every penny in revenue generated in the form of crypto will be added to an exclusive wallet dedicated to supporting artists globally.

Partnership Contract

Gaming And Metaverse Contract

Sponsorship Contract

Community Contract