Across seven continents, 195 countries there are billions of people either working for art or appreciating it.

The recorded revenue in 2020 for musical arts alone was 23.1 billion with a recorded 20% annual growth, global demand for painters, sculptors, designers and other artists is immeasurable.

Our team realised that there is a huge gap in wealth distribution among artists across all platforms, only a handful as compared to those involved in art have been able to turn their art into a living.

Thanks to the present world scenario, with growing demand of decentralised tech and web 3.0, our team decided to build a product that could provide equal opportunity to artists and generate wealth for each and everyone involved in OZGOD.

Our Story

Our Founder is an Artist turned entrepreneur who has had his fair share of struggle during his teen years, he saw his fellow artists struggling and see them not cut through the crowd due to various reasons, the top reason being lack of money and huge responsibilities.

With the growth of digital assets and web 3.0, we saw a huge opportunity to create a network of wealth distribution and promote artists with talent who lack opportunity,

We took our idea to some developers in Germany and partnered up to create OZGOD and its ecosystem.

Dedicated to help you get industry standard services and build industry standard products without having to worry about industry standard costs.

  • Build wealth for artists, Artist Service provider and providing them with a huge opportunity to grow their market and fanbase.


  • Helping artists get quality services without them having to worry about huge fees in the industry.


  • Generating wealth for artists, providing artists and their service providers with a platform to sell products and services in exchange of our currency.